‘The President Has No Facts’: Anderson Cooper Throws Darts at Trump’s Unsupported Wiretapping Complaints’

‘The President Has No Facts’: Anderson Cooper Throws Darts at Trump’s Unsupported Wiretapping Complaints’

The unconfirmed wiretapping assertions President Donald Trump tossed at former President Barack Obama have proceeded to haunt Trump since he tweeted about it less than two weeks ago.

Since then, Democrats and Republicans have criticised Trump’s assertions. The President on Wednesday night acknowledged he has no proof to back up his original statements that the former President wiretapped his conversations. The bipartisan heads of the Senate Intelligence Committee repeated that there were no suggestions to believe any wiretapping took place.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday night took it a step deeper. Tonight, we know the US president has no evidence of the claims made. No details to back up his alarming allegation that Obama wiretapped him in Trump Tower through the campaign, Cooper stated at the opening of his programme.

Cooper cited a heated exchange that was displayed between the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, and journalists on Thursday. Spicer tried to defend President Trump’s claims and referred to remarks he made during a Fox News discussion on Wednesday night.

I’ve been reading stuff, Trump said, pointing to a New York Times report that he said backs up his statements as well as comments a Fox News host made about inquiries into possible ties between Russia and Trump associates. Congressional examination turns up zilch.

President Trump said he needed a congressional probe over the unsupported wiretapping allegations. The House Intelligence Committee chairman, Devin Nunes, on Wednesday, said the group found no proof of Obama ordering a wiretapping operation against Trump. Apparently, the president is wrong, said Republican Nunes, if Trump’s tweets are considered literally.

Senate Intelligence Committee leaders, in a joint report, said on Thursday there is no sign that the Trump Tower was marked for monitoring during the 2016 election. Despite the criticisms, the president and the White House have endured. Spicer earlier this week pointed out that he is greatly confident the Justice Department would discover proof to back up Trump’s assertions.

Trump hinted at related assertions on Wednesday night, stating, I think you’re going to find some fascinating details coming to light in the next two weeks. Ex-Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said on Thursday night that Trump’s constant wiretapping claims are beginning to hurt him.

He spoke in an interview on CNN. We’re not in the polls anymore, and it’s not his opponent he is criticising anymore, Santorum stated. I think it’s him that he’s throwing off.


  1. Yes I agree that the president has no facts. He is so illiterate. Anderson Cooper you have done an awesome job.