Channel Nines series is a TV engagement in which its participants are just hoping to survive the perils of dating.

1.3 million Australians said the same phrase at the same time last night.

Finally model and air hostess Nadia and Anthony had a romantic date to contemplate their future. He (Anthony) declared it was logical for her to give up her Brisbane life and move down to Sydney with him. And, what’s this big drama really about? Anthony was shocked in disbelief. For the past seven weeks, he questioned Nadia’s direction in life. He called her frigid criticising her breasts. However, over time Nadia used to smile serenely and continued hoping for a future with him.

The two are among the six remaining couples as the compelling series, “Married at First Sight” reaches its climax. It is viewed as Australia’s most controversial and reality social experiment. The setting starts as 20 singles enlist themselves to find their dream partner. The participants who are strangers are matched up by relationship experts and get married in the presence of their families and friends. They then went for on expensive all-catered honeymoon before moving in together, and hopefully forever.

Yes, this seems ludicrous, but some participants have ulterior motives. Anthony is targeting a spot on Nines racing coverage desk. Corporate publicists in the country are competing against host Cheryl, Michelle and Sharon in Melbourne. Everything in this ridiculous show seems to be manipulated by the strategic editing and provocative setups.

I and many others are tuning in, week after week, just to watch the twists of these couples love journey. The show is unique and compelling with unusual sceneries; a close up of developing relationships. Unlike when we hear one sided story from our close friends’ relationships issues, watching the Married at First Sight show gives us every eye roll, love declaration and promises from both sides.

We see Michelle friend-zoning Jesse, despite his convictions that there exists a connection. We find Andy, a former soldier, expressing his feelings to Vanessa. It is intriguing how Cheryl Spidey loves watching her partner Andrew, how Susan finds Sean, a horse farmer, as an all-round nice and loving guy.

The series brings pout how people navigate obstacles in a relationship. How do ladies fall in love with men like Jesse who still live with their mums? How do you even cope-up with life when your soul mate lives in another country as in Susan’s case? How do you handle things when you find out your partner is a complete freak, like what Nadia is suspecting about his husband, Anthony?

It requires a resilience and a hardened heart to navigate relationships and dating. Everyone on the series continuously examines their feelings including men. It’s refreshing to have a view of why men consider some issues such as commitment, fidelity, and their effort in relationships without being blackmailed with tears or locked in a bedroom. Yes, everything in this show is fascinating.


  1. Who cares, seriously people that watch this sort of BS need to take a good look at themselves. Surely there’s more to life than mindless reality television every night.