British intelligence refute Trump’s claims that Obama wiretapped his phones.

British intelligence agency revealed the story about Sean Spicer, concerning evidence of Trump’s claiming that Obama wiretapped his phones.

Sean Spicer, the white house press secretary, proceeded with his defence about President Trump’s unrevealed claims of Barack Obama administration spying on Trump Tower during the recent U.S elections and also, monitoring of Angela Merkel’s calls the German Chancellor.

President Trump inner circle members argued with intelligence officials and lawmakers for nearly two weeks. These unproven allegations against Obama his Predecessor increasingly isolates him from fellow Republican and Democratic lawmakers claiming there is no evidence to support the allegations.

On Thursday, during the white house press briefing, Sean Spicer mentioned that Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano contention that British intelligence agency, Government Communication Headquarter (GCHQ), were involved in spy operations during the general election in the US. The GCHQ denied the allegations during a public statement.

However, three sources of intelligence altered to Fox News that Obama beyond the chain of command, reading notes on Thursday in the White House press room, Spicer said, Obama, didn’t use NSA, CIA, FBI and Justice Department in spying other than GCHQ.’’

The GCHQ spokesperson issued a statement exposing the Fox News report that Spicer was referencing.

The recent allegations stated by media analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano about the GCHQ being questioned on conducting wiretapping against the elected President are nonsense, claiming the report to be utterly ridiculous and be ignored.

Additionally, according to Kim Darroch, Britain ambassador to Washington told the White House on Tuesday concerning Napolitano’s assertions were falsely stated. Though Trump has offered no public apologies and claimed there was nothing wrong with the White House repeating what it had heard. He said that we shouldn’t be talking to him but the Fox News.

Sean Spicer engaged in challenging discussions with media reporters on Thursday concerning Trump’s wiretap allegations against Obama in which Trump had decided to walk back during Fox News interview the night before.

Previously, Trump has urged congressional lawmakers to take the matter into considerations. However, the Senate Intelligence Committee has issued a joint statement on Thursday stating that, no evidence indications are claiming that Trump was wiretapped.

James Comey, the FBI Director, is assured of being asked about the wiretapping claims when testifying on Capitol Hill Monday. The public hearing will be the first among others that intelligence committee is required to hold on the interference of elections by Russia.
Both countries (U.S. and U.K) are member states of the intelligence-sharing alliance that forbid members from secretly monitoring on each other. Other members are New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.


  1. I don`t think that Obama wiretapped Trump`s phone. British intelligence should check properly though, even if there is no evidence to support the allegations claiming that Trump was wiretapped.